Syria Crisis Appeal

Unite 4 Humanity has been helping Syrians affected by war since the start of the Syrian conflict since 2012. As part of our Syria Crisis Appeal, we have helped many struggling families in and out of Syria.

Right now U4H has a team of compassionate volunteers delivering life-saving aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey and other neighbouring countries. Syrians have suffered greatly at the hands of brutality from their government and terrorist groups. As a result of violence and fear millions of Syrian refugees have been flooding into Turkey and other neighbouring countries since 2011. They are trying to escape the ravages of a long and tragic civil war.

However, fleeing your home with nothing and trying to survive in temporary accommodations and refugee camps is very tough. These refugees require all of the basic necessities. Charities from across the world have been working in these camps to help ease off their problem.

Unite 4 Humanity has been delivering food aid and zakat donations amongst the refugees living these camps. To find out more about our humanitarian work in Syria and how you can help Syrian refugees, please get in touch with us via Facebook.

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Syria Crisis Appeal

Donate for Syria Appeal


Support Syrian Children


Food For Syrian Families


Background To Syria Crisis

A peaceful uprising in 2011 turned into full-scale civil war. The conflict has left more than half a million people dead, devastated cities and brought many regional and international countries into the conflict thus causing tensions amongst them.

Even before the conflict began, many Syrians were complaining about high unemployment, corruption and a lack of political freedom.

Over half the population of Syria has been forced to flee their homes. As the conflict rages on, families face harsh weather conditions, extremely cold winters and scorching sun heat in summer without sufficient protection.

Syrian Refugees are in urgent and desperate need of food, shelter and medical care.

Bring Happiness on Syrian Orphan Faces

In our recent trip to Syrian Refugee Camps, we distributed bikes amongst the Syrian Orphans. There were many children in the camp who wanted those bikes, however, we only had 6 bikes to give away. Our on-ground team in Syria organised a competition. We gave away those 6 bikes to children finishing in first 6 positions. Please see below the highlights of our event.

Syrian Refugees in Neighbouring Countries

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

In Lebanon, life is a daily struggle for more than a million Syrian refugees, who have little or no financial resources. Around 70 per cent live below the poverty line. There are no formal refugee camps and, as a result, Syrians are scattered throughout more than 2,100 urban and rural communities and locations, often sharing small basic lodgings with other refugee families in overcrowded conditions.

Syrian Refugees in Jordan

In Jordan, over half a million Syrian men, women and children are currently trapped in exile. Approximately 80 per cent of them lives outside camps, while more than 150,000 have found sanctuary at the camps of Za’atari and Azraq. Many have arrived with limited means to cover even basic needs, and those who could at first rely on savings or support from host families are now increasingly in need of help. It is estimated that 93 per cent of refugees in Jordan lives below the poverty line.

Syrian Refugees in Iraq & Egypt

Iraq has also seen a growing number of Syrians arriving, hosting more than 200,000, while Egypt also provides protection and assistance to over 100,000 Syrian Refugees.

Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Turkey has been hosting more than 3 million Syrian refugees since the start of the war. Turkey has been at the forefront of helping the Syrians find a safe haven away from their homeland.

Syrian Refugees in Saudi Arabia

Long before the start of the Syrian conflict in 2012, Syrian has been finding safe haven in Saudi Arabia. However, since the start of conflict over half a million Syrians have made Saudi Arabia their home.

Unite 4 Humanity’s Syria Crisis Appeal

Unite 4 Humanity works hard to help, leading a coordinated effort across the region. Together with our partners and NGOs, we try our best to offer a lifeline to those in need.

We provide life-saving humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees, helping the most vulnerable with cash for medicine and food, stoves and fuel for heating, insulation for tents, thermal blankets and winter clothing. Previously, we have helped delivered shelter kits, food and medical products and disability equipment to people suffering inside Syria.

We are currently directly involved in helping Syrian refugees across the region. We are not delivering any aid within Syria as it is too dangerous to operate inside the country. Once we’ve clearance from the UK Government we will in sha Allah deliver humanitarian aid inside Syria.

At this moment in time, our Syrian aid work is purely based on an emergency basis, we are not actively providing the aid in the region but whenever there is an upsurge in conflict we actively fundraise for the affected.

We always ask people to donate generously so that when the crisis escalates, we have funds to carry out the aid work ASAP.

What have We Done as Part of Syria Crisis Appeal

  • Sent 2 Road Convoys with Food, Hygiene, Medical items
  • Provided Ambulances for the Areas Under Bombardment
  • Organised containers with Food, Blankets, Clothes and Medications
  • Setup Allen Henning School in Turkey to provide Education for Children
  • Provided Cooked Food in Various Camps Across the Region
  • Special Distribution Camps Before and During Winter
  • Empowerment – Setup Wool/Knitting Factory On Syria-Turkey Border
  • Regular Distribution of Zakat amongst the Syrian Refugees

Help us Raise Money for Syria Crisis Appeal

Our Work with Syrian Refugees





Highlights from Our Work for Syrian Refugees

Ways in which You can Raise Money for Syria Crisis Appeal

  • Bake & Sell Cakes
  • Collections from Friends & Family
  • Charity Car Wash
  • Raise Money Online

Get in Touch with U4H if You Need Any Help and Support.