• Donate for Yemen Crisis Appeal. 100% Donation Policy
  • Donate for Yemen Emergency Appeal. 100% Donation Policy.

Yemen Crisis Appeal

Unite 4 Humanity is working hard and planning to provide aid for the people of Yemen. We have recently launched our Yemen Crisis Appeal to raise funds for the planned trip(s).

Yemen On the Verge of Becoming a Catastrophe

Yemen has been on the brink of becoming a catastrophe. Thousands of people have lost their lives since the start of conflict. Millions have lost their homes and have been displaced in neighbouring countries or within Yemen but in the areas where there is no food, jobs and security.

Yemen is slowly turning into a hell on earth for those living there. The situation is very desperate and if the help doesn’t reach in next few months, millions of people will lose their lives through starvation.

Save Muslim Lives in Yemen

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People Facing Starvation in Yemen

There are more than 20 million people in Yemen – However, two thirds of the population are now in need of humanitarian assistance. Malnutrition is widespread and clean water scarce. The country has now also been hit by the fastest growing cholera epidemic ever recorded. Since mid-2017, there have been over a million suspected cases, causing 1,000s of deaths. More than half of the cases have been children.


Yemen Crisis Appeal

Unite 4 Humanity’s Yemen Crisis Appeal

Millions of people in Yemen do not know where their next meal will come from. Donate to U4H’s Yemen Crisis Appeal. This conflict has pushed Yemen – one of the world’s poorest countries to breaking point.

People of Yemen are in urgent need of food, clean water and healthcare.

Unite 4 Humanity is aiming to get the aid to Yemen as soon as possible.

U4H Planning to Deliver Aid in Yemen

It has not been very easy to get into Yemen with aid but Alhamdulillah, U4H has managed to make contacts on the ground who will receive our goods and will deliver to those in need.

We are also planning on sending our own UK based team in Yemen to see the crisis first hand. However, this trip will be subject to clearance from the UK authorities.

We have also been successful in making contacts in the neighbouring countries from where we can purchase the food and medicines. We are hoping with their help we will be able to deliver the aid in the affected areas in Yemen.

Famine in Yemen

Yemen, if the situation persists, will face one of mankind’s worst famine. The scarcity of water, infrastructure and agriculture has faced a huge decline in the food production in past few years. Yemen was already a poor country and this war has led the country to severe shortage of food and vegetation. There has been no agricultural reproduction in the country for many years. The situation is alarming and Yemen need your help now.

Yemen is currently under blockade by land, sea and air which has disrupted the delivery of many of the country’s resources. The blockade is having serious consequences on the availability of food, especially in a country where 90% of the food requirements are met through imports. The agriculture of Yemen almost doesn’t exist as most of the land in the war zone is destroyed.

Help Donate For Yemen Famine Appeal

We have an aim to provide Yemen with emergency aid to help them with food and other daily essentials. The people of Yemen are being starving to death. The lack of infrastructure and financial help has also led to decline in public health services. There are only a few dozen people who are able to afford private health services. Most of them are suffering due to no medication and proper health care. Through our aid program, we will be providing the Yemenis with food and funding for their shelters, water and sanitation.

Why We Need Your Help For Yemen Crisis Appeal?

Due to the poverty and affects of war, Yemen is on the brink of facing the worst famine for over 100 years. Furthermore, millions are at the risk of starvation. Families are forced to survive on grass and water (if you call it water).

In this situation all we can do is to help these people via financial help. As mentioned above we have launched our Yemen Crisis Appeal. As part of this appeal, we’ll in sha Allah be delivering aid direct to the affected communities.

Help families who are in desperate need in Yemen. Donate for Yemen and save lives.

What are We aiming to do in Yemen

  • Distribute Food Packs
  • Build Shelters/Houses
  • Supply Toiletries and Hygiene Kits
  • Build Schools and Masjid
  • Build a safe haven for the orphans
  • Setup Empowerment Projects to help People Rebuild their Lives

Help the People of Yemen Now

Sponsor a Food Pack for Yemen

Why should you sponsor a food pack for poor and needy in Yemen?

  • Yemen is world’s largest humanitarian crisis
  • 22.2 million Yemenis are in urgent need of food aid
  • 15 million facing starvation due to lack of food
  • 8 out of 10 children are malnutrition
  • Local crops and food supplies have been destroyed in war

Sponsor a Water Tank in Yemen

Why should you sponsor a water tank for Yemen?

  • 16 million lack access to drinking water
  • 1.2 million suspected cholera cases since 2015
  • Sanitation system almost destroyed

There is no drinking water supply locally in most parts of Yemen. People are dependent on drinking water being supplied in tanks by local authorities who extract water from the underground. Our water tanks provide the opportunity to the local residents to store drinking water for later use.

Donate Zakat for Yemen

Save Muslim lives in Yemen, Donate your Zakat

  • 3.2 million internally displaced persons
  • 15 million facing starvation due to lack of food
  • 11.3 children need urgent food supplies

Your Zakat will provide many families the opportunity to buy food and other days to day neccessities. Help orphans, widows, disable and elderly with your Zakat. Yemen has been suffering for years and your zakat could bring much-needed help for many families.

Highlights from Our Charity Work in Yemen

Raise Funds for Yemen Crisis Appeal

  • Bake & Sell Cakes
  • Collections from Friends & Family
  • Charity Car Wash
  • Raise Money Online

Get in Touch with U4H if You Need Any Help and Support.