Ramadan Food Packs Distribution

Unite 4 Humanity has been carrying our Ramadan Food Packs Distribution for a number of years. The countries we distribute our Ramadan Food Packs include Pakistan, UK, Yemen and various parts of Africa.

So continuing the tradition in  Ramadan 2020, with the help of Allah, Unite 4 Humanity will be distributing Ramadan Food Packs in various countries this year.

Our aim is to reach as many people as we can to share the blessings of Ramadan. Our Ramadan food packs will in sha Allah help families spend their Ramadan without having to worry about the food for Sahoor and Iftar.

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Food Packs In


Sponsor a Ramadan Food Pack

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Sponsor a Ramadan Food Pack

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Sponsor a Ramadan Food Pack

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Our Ramadan Food Packs Include

  • Flour
  • Lentils
  • Dates
  • Rice
  • Cooking Oil
  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Juice/Cordial
  • Gram Flour
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Spices

Please note the Ramadan Food Package will be slightly different for each country. The above Ramadan Food Pack is based on the package distributed in Pakistan.

Ramadan, the Month of Generosity

Ramadan is a month of solidarity, helping each other. In this month, hearts soften, souls broaden, and sense of generosity revives. When the rich get hungry, they understand the conditions and needs of the poor better.

Fasting in Ramadan Make Muslims More Generous – This is a Fact

Some people might be surprised by this statement, but in reality it is true. The stats shows that charities and mosques collect almost half of their annual donations in Ramadan alone.

What are the Reasons Behind Generosity in Ramadan

Experience of hunger day after day over the course of a month helps muslims understand and feel the daily struggle of those families in poor-households. This spurs many Muslims to act,

In short, the acts of goodness increases in Ramadan.

Take Part in Our Goodness Project this Ramadan

Donate for Ramadan Food Packs Distribution in Morocco, Pakistan, UK and many countries of Africa.

Ramadan and Poverty

Most of us belonging to well-off households enjoy the blessings of Ramadan in full. Our mothers, wives and sisters make many types of dishes for Iftaar and fresh food for Sahoor. But sometimes we forget that this is a luxury given to us from Allah and not every muslim has been blessed with the same.
A lot of muslims across the world fast despite their struggle to have access to nutritious food. They fast by just having a chapati and curry for the morning and probably will have the same for Iftaar.

Unite 4 Humanity’s Ramadan food packs distribution project is an ideal opportunity for us to take part in this good work and provide the essentials for struggling families for them to enjoy the blessings of Ramadan.

One of the  many lessons from fasting in Ramadan is that it makes us understand the plight of the poor. Going hungry (during the day) throughout the month of Ramadan gives us an insight into what it is like to go hungry on a regular basis when you and your family don’t have enough food.

Ramadan – The Virtuous Month

Ramadan has been venerated in the Islamic religion, and it has been distinguished from the other months by a number of characteristics and virtues.

13 Reasons Why Ramadan is a Virtuous Month

  1. Allah has legislated the fasting of this month as the fourth pillar of Islam
  2. Quran was revealed in this month
  3. Allah has made Laylat al-Qadr in this month, which is better than a thousand months.
  4. Allah has made fasting Ramadan and spending its nights in prayer out of faith and in the hope of reward and a means of forgiveness of sins.
  5. In this month, Allah opens the gates of Paradise and closes the gates of Hell, and chains up the devils
  6. Every night Allah has people whom He redeems from the Fire
  7. Fasting Ramadan is a means of expiation for the sins committed since the previous Ramadan
  8. Fasting in Ramadan is equivalent to fasting ten months
  9. Whoever prays qiyam in Ramadan with the imam until he finishes, it will be recorded for him that he spent the whole night in prayer
  10. ‘Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj’
  11. It is Sunnah to observe i’tikaaf (retreat for the purpose of worship) in Ramadan.
  12. It is strongly recommended in Ramadan to study the Quran and to read it a great deal.
  13. Offer iftar to those who are fasting is highly recommended act during Ramadan.

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